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Vulnerable Adult Protection

RCW 74.34 was, from 1986 until 7/1/22, Washington’s statute for the protection of vulnerable adults. Effective 7/1/22, protection of vulnerable adults was included in a consolidated “Civil Protection Order” statute, RCW 7.105.  The standards and processes of the prior statute are largely the same, but there is now one primary form used for nearly all protection orders (except Extreme Risk Protection Orders, which have their own form). See forms and instructions here.

The State often lacks the resources to investigate the tens of thousands of elder abuse reports each year and sometimes family or friends must take legal action to protect an endangered adult. RCW 7.105.100(1)(d) allows for an “interested person” to petition the court for help.  RCW 7.105.310(1)(j) allows the court to make the abuser pay for damages and costs of suit, including the victim’s reasonable attorney’s fees.