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Just a Phone Call

By on Apr 23, 2011 in Cases | 0 comments

Sometimes asking for an attorney to intervene in a dispute, even for a simple phone call or letter, can help produce results that have been frustratingly elusive previously.  In this case, our client had made an application to the county for a permit to install power to the home he was building.  Our client felt like he was getting the runaround and in frustration called our office for assistance.  We made the proverbial “one phone call” and our client received his permit within the week.  Perhaps the intervention of an attorney produces results because of the implied threat that court action may soon follow. Or perhaps simply having a knowledgeable, but emotionally uninvolved, professional assist you gets the job done. Whatever the reason, our experience is reflected by this one example:

“Just a phone call” can get results.


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