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From Good to Bad to Worse to Get Better

By on Dec 18, 2019 in Cases | 0 comments

In this case, my client first came in while her life was generally good.  She wanted to get help drafting a post-nuptial property agreement with her spouse. Because she owned the house they were both residing in my client wanted to be clear about how their interests should be apportioned in case of separation.  This is an increasingly common dilemma for couples, with an increasing number of couples getting married later in life, after one or both spouses have acquired real estate on their own.

A few years later her situation had gone bad.  My client returned with the difficult news that her marriage was dissolving and she needed help to keep relations civil.  Fortunately, the spousal post-nuptial (after marriage) contract we had executed earlier served her well by controlling her spouse’s ability to claim any more than what had already been agreed to. Correspondingly, costs were kept lower than they would have been without the post-nuptial contract.  Sadly, her spouse was not emotionally well-regulated, despite our best efforts.  Luckily, the couple had no children from their relationship to suffer the conflictual ending to their relationship. However, they did have a dog and they had agreed to share the dog, post-divorce, in their post-nuptial.

Years passed again and predictably, because her spouse retained residual bitterness, her situation turned from bad to worse. He refused to share the dog. My client returned for help, but wanted to keep the costs as low as possible.  We arranged to provide her with consulting services and she determined to take the case to court herself.  We helped her draft her pleadings and coached her on how to deliver her oral argument. The gamble paid off.  She kept her costs very low and successfully obtained an order from the court compelling her ex-spouse to share the dog and clarifying more detail about how they would do so.

From good to bad to worse…to better.  We are with you every step of the way in life’s twists and turns; helping you find your way.

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