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“Driving Me Crazy” Uncle Probate

By on Apr 5, 2011 in Cases | 0 comments

In this probate matter, a mother had died leaving only two beneficiaries to her estate, her daughter (who is our client) and her brother. She named her daughter as the personal representative for her estate. Sadly, the daughter lived in another state and thus was uncertain about whether she wanted to perform that job from such a distance. In addition, her uncle had taken up residence at the home that was owned by her mother and was squatting there claiming that it was his.

She advised us that her uncle was largely destitute, had a tendency to drive her crazy and was not to be trusted. We were able to help her from afar with the use of remote technologies and were able to successfully negotiate with her uncle, preserving assets for the estate that would have otherwise been eaten up by a substantial court battle against a man who had nothing better to do than make outrageous claims and prolong the litigation at the expense and peril of our client.

Approximately one year after we had brokered the settlement, we received a card in the mail from our client announcing the birth of a new child and wishing us a hardy thank you for the work we had done to end the litigation before our client became pregnant and the stress became dangerous for her newborn.


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