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Client Comments and Reviews

Client Comments and Reviews

When we asked, we found that 98% of our clients reported they would recommend us to a friend or use the firm again and 90% believed our fees were reasonable.* Here are some of the comments our clients have included with their evaluations of our work (provided after the close of their case).

*Based on a 2-year study providing every client an evaluation and comments survey form.


Bruce Pruitt-Hamm really helped me out of a jam. When my wife passed away 5 years ago, I didn’t realize her estate had to go through probate. I just assumed, since her will was clear on the subject (I inherited everything) and my name was on all bank/retirement accounts jointly and all real estate was in both names, that probate wasn’t required. I was wrong. I was in the middle of getting refinancing on an investment property this summer and had already got contractors started on the remodel work on the property when the mortgage lender informed me that the refinancing couldn’t go through until the estate went through probate! I was extremely fearful that I’d have some very angry contractors when I would have to stop their work until the new mortgage was in place. In addition, I was going to lose my interest rate lock and mortgage processing fees! Then, in stepped Bruce and his able paralegal, Dorie, to the rescue. Bruce and Dorie fast-tracked the probate process and Bruce made several calls to the mortgage bankers and title company to keep them informed and to keep the mortgage moving. And, it worked! In only a few weeks, the probate was finalized and the refinance was complete without having to delay or shut down a single contractor! I highly recommend Pruitt-Hamm Law and Mediation Services for probate needs! JR 2019

“[I appreciated that I did] not have appointments for every little thing, just email and get a response within 24 hours.” RW 2019

“I appreciated that there was no pressure to fight battles just for the sake of fighting them. I liked that the approach leaned more toward mediation than conflict. Everyone respected my need to manage my ex and his issues in a specific way and worked to accommodate my requests.” EM 2018

“…as good an experience as I could expect from a divorce. I appreciated that Bruce really tried to explain all of the relevant issues thoroughly and give case examples.” MH 2016

Bruce and Dorie guided me through the process with ease and made sure the case was finalized rather quickly.” TC 2016

“Bruce is approachable and reduced my stress in a difficult situation. Great listener.” SH 2016

“The initial meeting with Bruce on the phone was a positive experience. I immediately felt that I could easily talk to him. Our initial meeting at his office was thorough and gave me an idea of the possible path my divorce may take. I remember Bruce saying at the end of that meeting, that he and I would go hand-in-hand together through the process. This one sentence gave me hope and assurance that I would be taken care of and could put trust in him as a person and professional. Bruce and Dorie were friendly, courteous, and sympathetic to my issues. Bruce was always available to discuss details on weekends and late-night. Every effort was made to meet my personal schedule despite his own personal family challenges he faced. Bruce is a careful listener and his integrity was beyond expectation. Bruce was very approachable and provided explanations that I could understand. His sense of humor and down-to-earth style made the process easier for me. Dorie also was very friendly and responsive to my needs. I would recommend your services to others.” SS 2016

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or lawyer. Bruce listened to what my goal was and resolved my case in the best way possible. Bruce took great care of me legally and also provided support and advice about the smartest way to proceed in my situation. I felt he made the best use of the time and money I had. The situation itself was very difficult, but the way Bruce handled my case relieved a lot of stress for me.” SH 2015 

“Mr. Pruitt-Hamm is knowledgeable about pertinent case history and took the time to explain and answer my questions. He is good about considering options and alternatives… His staff was very responsive as well.” VW 2015

“Thank you for all of your help in this matter and for being so patient. Dorie has been great to work with; I feel so fortunate to have you both handling this matter.” –  MH 2014

“Bruce is [a] diligent and hard-working attorney with a calm demeanor. He listens and offers honest advice. He was always on time and prepared. His performance in court was professional and his strategy well-thought-out. It was a pleasure to work with him.” –  MW 2014

“Impeccable customer service. I felt seen and heard. I highly recommend Pruitt-Hamm Law firm. I was treated with respect and kindness. Bruce Pruitt-Hamm made everything clear and easy.  Thank you, Bruce… for your great attitude and caring ways. You were always professional, wise, and patient.” – BG 2012

“Thank you in advance, what you have done states my position more clearly than I ever could have, despite the time constraints you had to work under. Thank you for the effort and talent you and your firm have implemented from day one to secure my mother’s legacy from opportunists who view the day my mother passed as their lucky day. Win or lose I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your firm’s support and hard work, perhaps in the future, I will look to your firm for my own children’s legacy.” – RH 2011

“I very much enjoyed our meetings and the staff was universally professional and friendly. There is nothing but praise due the firm for their handling of my estate planning.” – SH 2011.

“Willingness to let me direct the pace of this divorce… the extreme care for my personal timeline & desire to be patient with the process. I’m here at the end with no regrets about how, when & what decisions I made. Thank you to all.” – DK 2011

“Truthfulness and Friendliness.” – AM 2011

“All contact with your firm was handled in a professional manner.” – ES 2011.

“[I found that] understanding some of the legalities [was difficult, however] Bruce was able to simplify them to my understanding. I am unable to suggest any improvements as I am unable to think of anything to improve on. You guys did great for our case.” – AM 2011.

“[Due to the fact that] we are located in Virginia, the entire case was conducted by phone, email, internet, and snail mail. It worked very nicely.” – JO-W 2011.

“Friendly prompt service – Thank you! Very friendly & considerate. Addressed all of our concerns, sometimes before we asked the question!! Very friendly, very flexible with appt times. Facilities – very comfortable. Definitely glad to have chosen your firm…!” – CM 2011.

“You all were very supportive, friendly, and incredibly helpful. I even enjoyed your company. You guys were wonderful and I’d recommend you without hesitation! Thank you again.” – JW 2010.

“Professional. Thanks for being flexible with meeting times.” – HB 2010.

I appreciated being able to do almost all of the communication via email & faxes – Thank you.” – CH 2010.