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There are many different types of adoptions, shown by the list below. We can help with any of these different scenarios.

  • Private

  • Step-parent

  • Agency

  • Interstate

  • International

  • Adult

  • Guardianship of Disabled children

Adoptions, the establishment of the legal relationship of parent and child by choice, are governed by RCW 26.33 (Intrastate) and RCW 26.34 (Interstate). In 2012 there were 494 of them completed in King County and 209 in Snohomish County. Source: Washington Courts.

The cost ranges widely, from about $700 (plus court costs) for adult cases, while interstate and international situations can cost $10,000 or more.

A typical private adoption involves a pre-placement and post-placement home study of the pre-adoptive parents and can also involve extensive background checks. Agency adoptions involve adopting children who are “wards” or “dependents” of the State of Washington, and involve special rules. Step-parent adoptions are generally easier and cheaper because the child is already in the home of one legal parent and that parent’s new spouse (the step-parent). Open adoptions are becoming more commonplace and we can help you to negotiate a “tailor-fit” open adoption agreement to fit the specific needs and circumstances as well as design appropriate arrangements between birth parents, adoptive parents and the child.

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