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Cases: Stories of Lives and Lawyers

CasesWe have helped people in more than one thousand cases. We would like the opportunity to help you. Below are summaries of some of the cases where we have helped other people, organized by the type of case.

We hope these examples can demonstrate the many ways our assistance can make a significant difference in a client’s life, and in the outcome of their legal situation.

Sometimes our legal problems can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to lose hope that anyone can help sort it out. We can help you find your way through stressful legal issues; contact us to see how much of a difference we can make.

Bear in mind that the outcome of every case is unique and the results obtained in any of these cases may not be the same result in your case, even if the facts sound similar.


Parental Alienation, Custodial Abduction and the FBI

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This case involved child abduction to a foreign country, arrest by the FBI, securing a reversal of custody to the father, obtaining custody of the children by a writ of habeas corpus, criminal and contempt findings by the court and over 10 years of litigation.  Our client was the tragic victim of severe parental alienation and custodial abduction of his children by their mother.  Within days of entry of an agreed divorce and parenting plan this father could not find the mother or children in order to obtain his court-ordered...

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The Police Have Come To Take Your Baby

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A young mother hears a knock at the door. The police have come at 10 pm to take her infant child under a court order from another county…and deliver the baby to a man who is not the legal father!  It sounds like a script from a nightmare movie from Hollywood, but this actually happened to one of our clients.  Using remote technology Bruce Pruitt-Hamm, interrupting his vacation in Hawaii, directed the efforts of Ron Collins and staff for days to quash the court order.  Over the next several months we prevailed in keeping the baby with...

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