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Cases: Stories of Lives and Lawyers

CasesWe have helped people in more than one thousand cases. We would like the opportunity to help you. Below are summaries of some of the cases where we have helped other people, organized by the type of case.

We hope these examples can demonstrate the many ways our assistance can make a significant difference in a client’s life, and in the outcome of their legal situation.

Sometimes our legal problems can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to lose hope that anyone can help sort it out. We can help you find your way through stressful legal issues; contact us to see how much of a difference we can make.

Bear in mind that the outcome of every case is unique and the results obtained in any of these cases may not be the same result in your case, even if the facts sound similar.


The Hands That Hold the Child

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It is said that “the hands that hold the child hold tomorrow’s human harvest.”  In this case, our client, a middle-aged man, came to us only a few years after the birth of his son to a woman not his wife who had subsequently become addicted.  Ironically, he came first to inquire about defending himself against her fabricated charges of domestic violence.  But that was just the beginning of the story.  His primary concern all along was the welfare of his toddler son.  After consulting on the domestic violence matter and helping him to...

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Mediation on a Weekend

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In this mediation of a husband and wife, the husband resided out of state and had to travel back to Stevens County to conduct the mediation at our office. Thus, he was eager to have the mediation take care of as much business as possible in a short period of time. In addition, the parties both worked and could not meet during the regular week day. Our office agreed to schedule the mediation on a Saturday and attempt to mediate all issues in one session. Not only did we mediate the issues, but we drafted all of the final pleadings within the...

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Divorce, then Death, then Determination

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Our original client was a woman who finally had enough and was exploring the prospect of a divorce from an abusive husband. A few weeks after our divorce consultation, she was murdered by her husband. He was arrested the same day. Family members, aware that she had sought the advise of a lawyer came back to our office with the sad and tragic news. We then advised a legal strategy to keep the husband from acquiring or using any of the marital property for his criminal defense.  We provided legal representation to the two young adult children...

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Crazy Making

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In this case our client was the father of a twelve year old boy whose mother resided in our county. Our client and the boy resided in another part of the state. The father and mother had separated soon after the child’s birth and had been engaged in litigation almost continually ever since. The mother apparently had significant mental health issues that had been undiagnosed and untreated. The guardian ad litem (court-appointed neutral child’s representative) thought so. My client knew so. Her behaviors seemed to confirm this suspicion at...

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I Could Lose My Job AND My Wife

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The statute, RCW 10.14, governs anti-harassment petitions which are typically filed and defended without involvement of attorneys. However, in this case, our client had to defend against a petition requesting a restraining order from a co-worker who claimed that he was stalking her and had been involved with her intimately. Thus, defending this particular petition was necessary to save his marriage and to save his job. Luckily, we were able to save his marriage in part because we were able to meet with our client and with his wife and use the...

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“Driving Me Crazy” Uncle Probate

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In this probate matter, a mother had died leaving only two beneficiaries to her estate, her daughter (who is our client) and her brother. She named her daughter as the personal representative for her estate. Sadly, the daughter lived in another state and thus was uncertain about whether she wanted to perform that job from such a distance. In addition, her uncle had taken up residence at the home that was owned by her mother and was squatting there claiming that it was his. She advised us that her uncle was largely destitute, had a tendency to...

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Patience and Persistence Prevail

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The collaborative process has many redeeming values for the disputants. Primary among these is the ability to pace the divorce process to the needs of the parties. In litigation the court system is not concerned with the emotions or psychological status of the parties, only business matters involving money and assets and debts or those matters that involve the children. In contrast, in a collaborative divorce the attorneys and the neutrals who assist the parties are trained to be sensitive to the whole person, which includes not only...

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Collaborative v. Litigation

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When contemplating a divorce through the collaborative process, many people wonder if they might do better with traditional litigation. Such a question is ultimately difficult to answer because you can’t take the same case through both processes to have a direct comparison. However, this office was involved with one collaborative case that went all the way to settlement. However, before the final pleadings were signed one of the parties gave in to the impulse to seek a “second opinion” from a litigation attorney who promised great results…but...

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Father Electrocuted Leaving Orphan

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In this case we were approached very shortly after a young single father was tragically electrocuted in a workplace accident, leaving his daughter orphaned and in the care of friends who had agreed to be the child’s godparents.  They came seeking help becoming her custodian.  Not only did we do that, but we helped these friends understand the importance of becoming the administrators of the father’s estate in probate and then prosecuting a personal injury case as estate administrators against the negligent parties, leading to one...

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Caregiver Abduction of Elderly Mother

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Children aren’t the only ones who sometimes need protection.  In this case an elderly mother, suffering from cognitive loss from stroke, was taken from the home of her daughter by a part-time caregiver. She handed the disabled elder off to her unemployed son-in-law who took her to Seattle to live with him, having the elder empty her bank account enroute.  Our client was another daughter who appealed for immediate help. Working on the weekend as well as weekdays we were able to obtain a Vulnerable Adult Protection Order restraining the...

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